Are you feeling stressed? Are you feeling tired? Have you lost touch with your inner self? Or just want to experience a different and more gentle form of exercise.
If the answer is yes, then why not try YOGA

The therapeutic properties of Yoga have long been known and are now widely accepted. There is an established class in Ripley Village hall (small hall) every Tuesday morning from 9:45 to 11:00 with Linda.
The class is a small and friendly mixed ability class, consisting of breathing exercises, posture work, relaxation and visualisation. The aim is for everyone to leave the class feeling less stressed and more relaxed and balanced than when they arrived.

Linda is a highly experienced teacher of Yoga. She has two teaching Diplomas and is on the Register of Exercise Professionals. She specialises in Stress Management, Relaxation and Back Problems.
For more details contact Linda on 01483 211956 or email