Ripley Village Hall Redevelopment Update November 2019

Finalising the funding is a slow business! We now appear to have the support of Guildford Borough Council for this rebuild project and we have been in frequent discussion with the Head of Finance there about the way they may be able to structure their funding to match the loan being granted by the Parish Council. In essence, the funding will be sourced as part of the developer payments for the new housing at Garlicks Arch, which is likely to agreed in principal by April 2020. We have had to push very hard for this money as there is no requirement for any of these funds to actually be given to our parish at all. The Trustees are continuing to work closely with the architect and the quantity surveyor in order to progress the project to the point at which we are ready to commence building as soon as we secure the funding from GBC – it’s a juggling act of timing so that we are as cost-efficient as possible. Rest assured that we carefully monitor and query every penny of our expenditure so that all the hard-earned funds that have been raised by our wonderful community are spent wisely. The next hurdle will be a meeting in January of the GBC Executive who will hopefully be persuaded to formally commit to this funding. We shall keep you advised!! WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE PLANS IN DETAIL There will be a full set of plans available to view in both the Ripley Parish Office at Rio House in the High Street and also within the foyer of the Village Hall.  If you have any queries or would like further explanation of the site, please contact the Trustees at and we will endeavour to give a swift reply.

Fundraising Activities

We also need your MONEY so please support the many fundraising events that are regularly hosted at the Village Hall. Do you shop at Amazon? If you use Smile.Amazon.Co.UK then Amazon will donate 0.5% of all of your purchases to the Ripley Village Hall fund. It doesn’t cost you a penny! There are many different community groups and businesses in our village and we are asking all of them to get involved and commit to raising some funds. There are many events held in Ripley throughout the year and we hope that every resident and business gets behind the idea and has some fun whilst raising much needed money. There are lots of different ways you can help and here are some ideas: BUY A BRICK – To Donate or Buy A Brick please click here SPONSORED CAR WASH SPONSORED SILENCE SPONSORED DANCE-A-THON SPONSORED SCHOOL MUFTI DAY DOG SHOW SPONSORED WALK AROUND RIPLEY TO EVERY HISTORICAL BUILDING AND SITE EASTER EGG HUNT TREASURE HUNT DOG WALK AND PUB LUNCH WINE TASTING EVENT In addition to the collective village fundraising, the Trustees are seeking significant funding from a variety of charitable trusts and organisations. These organisations have many applications for each fund available so Ripley has to be better than everyone else in the country who is applying for funding. We have to demonstrate that we are all behind this exciting new project to build our new village hall, by showing wholehearted commitment to our own village fundraising. It’s massively important that as many different groups of all ages get involved. We are being greatly guided and assisted by Karen Holdsworth-Cannon from Surrey Community Action. SCA offers completely free advice and guidance to projects such as this and it has proved invaluable so far with ensuring that we are compliant with the regulations applicable to us by the Charities Commission. For clarity, we would like to confirm that the Trustees are unable to sell off any assets for profit that is not directly payable back to the charity itself i.e. we are not permitted to sell off any parcel of land to a developer who would go on to make profit from the sale of the housing they build.

We are looking to entice people to join the RVH Fundraising Committee. We need more volunteers to help run events. We are also looking for someone with PR and communication skills. If you have a few hours that you could give to this cause please contact us on